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Overview of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association)

TAPA is an acronym standing for Transported Asset Protection Association. It was established in 1997 in the US, as a non profit organization. It consists of security experts and security personnel from high tech companies and consumer electronics makers. It has also been introduced to the freight industry to increase safety. The TAPA requirements are known worldwide as some of the highest standards of security and safety practice. More companies, especially those related to high tech industries, have been required to satisfy TAPA requirements. TAPA consists of three phases, from the highest degree of Class A to the lowest Class C. To obtain Class A, it is necessary to undergo a stringent assessment comprising of 110 items including 11 prerequisite items; such as the installment of alarms and security camera systems which can record both inside and outside the facilities with no blind spots, and which can store the recordings for a certain period of time. A score of more than 60 percent score is required.

The Present State of TAPA Acquisition within the SMART TRACK Group

Smart Track U.S.A. became the first Japanese company to receive a Class A certification from TAPA in May, 2003. Currently 20 locations worldwide have been granted the certification.

Certified Locations

Name Acquired branch Date of receipt Class
The Americas Smart Track U.S.A. New York Branch (JFK) 2003/5/27 A
Smart Track U.S.A. Chicago Branch / Air Service Division 2008/6/24 A
Smart Track U.S.A. Atlanta Branch 2004/1/6 A
Smart Track U.S.A. Los Angeles Branch / Air Service Division 2013/2/14 A
Europe Smart Track U.K. Head Office (in London) 2007/6/11 A
Smart Track De Espana Barcelona Branch 2004/9/8 A
Smart Track De Espana Madrid Branch 2008/11/20 A
Smart Track France CDG Airport cargo Area warehouses 2005/1/10 A
Smart Track Italia Head Office (in Milano) 2017/6/29 A
Smart Track Deutschland Frankfurt Branch 2006/5/16 A
Smart Track Nederland Logistics Division (ELC3) 2015/3/27 B
Smart Track Nederland Logistics Division (ELC1) 2015/7/8 A
Smart Track Nederland Head Office (Schiphol-Rijk) 2016/4/19 A
Smart Track Nederland Forwarding Division(Maraboe) 2016/3/31 B
Asia Smart Track Singapore Head Office (including Air Cargo Branch, Logistics Transport Branch, Tour & Travel Branch) 2007/8/6 A
Smart Track Philippines NAIA Warehouse (Air Cargo Branch) 2004/5/1 A
Smart Track Philippines FTI Warehouse 2017/8/28 A
Smart Track Malaysia Kuala Lumpur International Airport Branch 2004/12/17 A
Smart Track Malaysia Penang Branch 2005/5/16 A
Smart Track Indonesia Logistics Center 2006/3/1 A
Japan Smart Track Narita Airport 2005/4/1 A
Smart Track Kansai Airport 2006/4/1 A
Smart Track Baraki International Logistics Town No.2 2014/7/7 A
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