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Corporate Message

SMART TRACK Group Corporate Message We Find the Way SMART TRACK Group brings customers' possibilities to reality. There are often many solutions, but only one way is the way. We use our determination to find the best way to overcome hurdles and take our customers across the finish line. WE Our unified strength makes us unique, driving everything we do on the frontline and in the background to deliver unparalleled logistics services. The word "we" speaks to a complex system of individuals with specialized skills that work together to become an unstoppable force. Find Every client, project, and task is different, and sometimes we have to innovate to achieve our goals. Our work demands exploration and thinking outside the box. It's how we find the best way. The verb "find" in its present form tells a story of a company willing to dig deeper for the best results. The Way Sure, there are many solutions, but there's only one best way. We don't find a way or some way; we find the best way, and we do it with passion and perseverance. Our efforts build connections to and between individuals and businesses. Behind the Message Our focus is never on whether or not we can do something. Instead, it's on the excitement of how we will tackle the task in front of us. We believe our customer's cargo contains possibilities that come to life upon arrival at their destinations. We do what we do so our customers can succeed at what they do. Just as athletes train for a big game, we train to guarantee the best results. Every day we strive for perfection in all that we do. Our work is almost scientific. We make observations, formulate a hypothesis, make predictions then we test them. We continue this process until we find the best way to accomplish any project - large or small. We believe that logistics drives a more vibrant society, and we will continue to exercise innovative thinking as we open new roads to serve our customers. We Find the Way SMART TRACK Our Focuses A HOW FOCUS We never focus on whether or not something can be done. Instead, our focus is on how we will do it, and how that will serve our customers best. Sometimes that means thinking so far outside the box that we change the landscape of logistics. This We Find the Way doctrine is deeply rooted in our culture FOSTERING POSSIBILITIES As long as people work to improve society, we will transport their goods and the dreams and possibilities that come with them. Together, with our customers, we make the world a better place, keeping possibilities alive and never giving up. PREPARE TO PERFECT Every project requires preparation. We plan, evaluate, rehearse, and reevaluate before we start. We do this until we have streamlined the process to full promises to our customers. Preparing to Perfection is our main aim and equally expressing our determination. It's part of our culture and our history. This preparation is the driving force behind our ability to tackle tasks and explore better ways to work. Positioning Philosophy Value Code of Conduct This corporate message shows our values as SMART TRACK Group. It succinctly differentiates us from other logistics companies and acts as a compass for employees to serve customers in line with group values.